MileSplit Training - Claiming A Team

With the season upon us please take the time to update your roster with the correct spelling and graduation year of your athletes.....please add incoming really helps!!!   I will also be adding all dual meets to the calendar....please send info for dual meets and invitationals including meet info and results

This is a short course series on how to use the site.  I receive many emails a day asking me to correct the spelling of an athlete, add or change the graduation year and other tasks.  When you claim an athlete you will be able to make many changes to the profile.  The only thing you will not be able to do is change the times and distances.  If you have any questions please email me at
Next up:  How to be a Team Admin
Register for the site

First, everyone must register for the site.  By doing so you will be able to take part in the forum, comment on articles, claim a profile, claim a team (for admin), compare athletes etc. 

You can register for the site by going to the upper right corner of the front page and click on “Register.” 

Please see previous article on Claiming an Athlete and Registering for the site.

 Claiming a Team

Claiming a team will allow you to keep the roster up to date (including the correct spelling of names and making sure the graduation date is included.)

You will also be able to link articles, tag photos for athletes and add your team to a meet on the Calendar.

As a team admin you will be able to add a meet you are hosting to the MNTrackXC calendar. 

Team admins include coaches and parents (sometimes the team captain).  If you are a coach you are automatically considered a Team Admin so you do not have to sign up for both.

After you register for the site you you can claim your team the same way you claim an athlete profile.

Go to the blue Navigation bar and click on “Teams.”

Type in the team name to find it (or scroll through the list) and click on the team name. 

When you get to the team page you will see “Claim This Team” under the name of the team at the top of the page.

Click on “Claim This Team” and the next screen will look like this:

Read the info and then identify yourself in the box provide with information on how to contact the head coach in case we need to.  The coach can also email the web master ahead of time.  If you are the head coach just identify yourself with contact info.

After you sign up the web master will approve the request and you will get an email letting you know your request has been approved.

You can now go to the athlete profile and update it.