Buckle Up And Salute!

(Photo provided by Ethan Buckles)

What are your personal best events for each event? 

100m 10.9
200m 22.5
400m 52.0
4x100 43.5
4x200 1:30
4x400: 3:27
800 SMR 1:37
1600 SMR 3:37

How did you first get involved with track and field?
When I was a sophomore, I was already playing football and I ended up getting cut from the baseball team for the second year in a row. The football coaches knew I had a little bit of athleticism, so they told me that I should try running track to try to get in shape for football. Even though the season was already well underway, I decided to give track a shot.

What was your most memorable competition?
My most memorable competition was True Team Sections at Lakeville North my junior  year. The True Team meet is always a big deal because a bid to State is on the line, and friends and people from the area all come to watch. It was also my first varsity meet, and I was only running the 100 that day. I was really nervous because there was a guy in my heat that ran at State in the open 100 the previous year and entering that meet, and I had never lost to someone running in the same heat as me and I was desperate to keep that going. I ended up beating him and I remember that almost everyone watching was super surprised. I ended up taking 5th place at that meet and that's when I learned that I could be a great track athlete.

Who were your competitors throughout your high school career?
My favorite people to compete against were definitely the sprinters from Rochester John Marshall, especially Shahan Ameen. They were always friendly competitors and they are all so fast and every time we raced something big was on the line. Whenever we raced it was always very close and we usually PR'd because we were pushing each other so hard. I also enjoyed competing against my own teammates, especially as I was trying to prove that I was fast. I loved competing against my teammates Cedric Sanford and Jeremiah Jacobson because we would always compete so hard against each other in practice and meets with the motivation of being the fastest person in the school. I also liked competing against Prior Lake, because I hate Prior Lake so much and always wanted to beat them. They were always tough to beat, but we beat them a lot.