Mingling With Manteuffel - An Interview

(Photo provided by Rebecca Manteuffel)

Personal Records:

Shot Put:  38'6"

Discus:  134'9"

How do you pronounce your last name?

{Mon-tie-full} I don't have a lot of nicknames, but many people call me Becky.

Tell us a little about your sports participation when you were younger.  What things helped you to develop as a top thrower? 

When I was younger I participated in Basketball, Volleyball, and one year of Softball. I stuck with Volleyball in high school until my sophomore year and then I quit my junior year to focus on my studies. One of the biggest things that has helped me become a thrower is having practices every day that I don't have meets, and working at home on my family's farm. I especially appreciate all the time and energy my coaches have put into me throughout these 4 years, without them I would not be where I am today.

Who are your coaches and how does each one help you?

My throws coach is Megan Polzin, she is a new addition to our coaching staff this year. She has put so much time into me and my fellow teammates this year. She has planned hard workouts that help us with our form and technique and all in all make us stronger and better at what we do. Our head coach is Joe Aurich, he has been very supportive to not only me but everyone on the team. I have been blessed with great coaches who have sacrificed so much time and energy so that I can be the best thrower possible. Our jumps coach, Brian Lundgren, and our distance coach, Kelly Ecklund, have also been very supportive in all that I do and they continue to push me to do my best.

What is your daily training regimen?  What things do your coaches emphasize?

A normal day of practice consists of 30 minutes of technique, 45 minutes of lifting or working out, and about an hour of throwing. My coach emphasizes getting our rhythm down and making sure we know the technique before we focus too much on lifting. Throwing takes a lot of technique, and once you get the footwork and form down you can start getting stronger and lifting hard in the weight room. Many people think that throwers are good at throwing because they are big and strong, but honestly to be a good thrower size doesn't matter, it all comes down to how well you learned the technique and well you execute it.

Who else has encouraged your throwing?  Which teammates help you the most?

Both of my parents have been very supportive and really encouraged me to try track as an incoming freshman. I have been blessed with such amazing parents who believe in me and support me in all that I do. As a freshman coming into track and field, Mark Esser, a senior at the time, was very helpful to me and took me under his wings and expanded some of his wisdom and understanding of the sport on to me. I was given such an amazing family when I joined the track team my freshman year.

Another fellow teammate who helped me a lot by pushing me to do my best was Kaden Lilienthal, who graduated last year. He always beat me in shot put but when it came to discus we liked to "compete" against each other for the furthest mark at practices, I would say that friendly competition and support helped both of us to achieve our goals of going to the state meet last year. I have had many great teammates throughout the years and they have all helped me tremendously whether they know it or not.

What years did you go to the state meet in track & field?  What place did you get?

I went to state every year of my high school career 2014, 2015, 2016, and now 2017. As a freshman in 2014 I was just happy to go to the state meet, and I was very surprised that I ended up taking 14th place for the discus throw.