Aiming High With Isaac Boedigheimer

(Photo provided by Isaac Boedigheimer)

Personal Records:

200 meter dash:  25.5
400 meter dash:  52.8
1600 meter run:  4:32
3200 meter run:  9:52
5K cross country:  15:48.10

State Tournament Appearances:

Track & Field
2013  DQ in the 4 X 800
2015  9th place in the 4 X 800
2017  17th place in the 4 X 800

Cross Country
2013  44th in 16:24.4
2014  20th in 16:00.8
2015  32nd in 16:13.8
2016   6th  in  16:05.0

Who coaches you and what do they do to help you?

Mike Bushey and Jody Zeleznikar (AKA "Z"): They have helped give me strength and the mindset to never give up.  In times of a tough loss or bad race, they've shown me to look at them as lesson learners and motivational boosters.  They've become not only coaches but parents and forever friends.  Not only did they help keep my head up, they have also helped me to take in the moment and live it as much as possible. They have brought fun and a lively atmosphere during practice and at meets that makes you feel like a kid again.  But above all they have cared and cherished not only me but the whole team.

Arne Maijala: Arne really helped me with pacing and obtaining speed.  Though not as loud spoken as Bushey and Z, he still took care of us and made sure we were well hydrated and properly warmed up.  Like Bushey and Z, Arne was a father-figure as well as a coach and friend. He would always remind us to eat right, sleep well, and stay in the shade. He is the reason why I warm up and warm down and prepare for racing the way I do.  He is always there for us whether riding his bike during long runs or setting up and providing cold water during hill days.  He coaches us but also lets us decide on our own decisions. Arne is also always at the finish line and has our back regardless of the result.

How do the Cloquet Lumberjacks train for distance running?

Training for CC and TF are similar to each other.  The way they are similar is that we always do a variety of speed, hill, long runs, and tempo workouts.

For track we start out with hill workouts and long or tempo runs.  Towards the end of the season our long runs get shorter down to 20-30 minutes and the hill workouts are changed to repeats on the track.

Cross country is pretty consistent until sections are close (then we start to taper). Mondays and Wednesdays are usually tempo runs.  Tuesdays and Thursday are hills, 5 minute runs, or Tabatas.  Fridays we often play Ultimate.  Saturdays and Sundays are long runs or rest days.