A Sweet And Sauer Conversation

(Photo provided by Brynn Sauer)

Personal Records:

60m (in) - 8.38
100m - 12.93
200m - 25.74
400m - 56.83
800m - 2:12.71
Long Jump - 17-3
State 2017: 8th in the 400, 2nd in the 4 x 800, 4th in the 4 x 400
State 2016: 3rd in the 400, 3rd in the 4 x 400
State 2015: 6th in the 400, 5th in the 4 x 400
7-time All-State

Where were you born?

I was born in St. Cloud and lived there until sixth grade when we moved to the Rocori Public Schools Area.

What sports did you participate in when you were young?

I was into everything:  dance, soccer, softball, basketball, and volleyball especially.

How did you get into the sports you play now?

When I started school at Rocori in middle school I wanted to play volleyball in the fall but we did not know where to sign up.  So I signed up for tennis and that wound up being a great decision for me as I became the #1 player at our school my freshman year.  I made it to state as a sophomore which was a huge milestone as I was the first person in school history to do that.  This past fall I got third at section and didn't make it to state.  All of this was in singles competition.

In the spring I wanted to play softball but you couldn't do that until you were in seventh grade so I joined the track & field team. 

Out of all the sports you have played over the years which one helped you the most for Track & Field?

Soccer helped me the most because of the endless running.

How come you did not go out for soccer at Rocori?

When I came to the school they did not have a team.  They were originally just a club team but in the last year or two they have become a school sport.