Lady Lardy - An Interview

(Photo provided by Allison Lardy)

Personal Records:

Discus - 109-10

Shot Put - 42-11.25

2017 Class A State: 2nd place Shot Put

Where were you born?  What sports did you play growing up?

I was born in Fairmont and played basketball, softball, and volleyball when I was younger. I live on the lake and have always enjoyed swimming and boating.

Which of those sports helped you become a good thrower?

All sports have helped me be a thrower as they have taught me teamwork, discipline, and leadership. The sports I play in high school at the varsity level are basketball, volleyball and track/field.

Who coaches you?  What does he do that works for you?

Brad Johnson is my throwing coach. He always is pushing me to do my best. He always video tapes my teammates and I to show what we need to work on. He sets lofty goals with the expectations that we meet them. But while he is coaching us he makes the practices enjoyable, which creates a real bond among our throwing team and Coach Johnson.