Looking Up At Brooke Young


(Photo provided by Brooke Young)

Personal Records:

800m - 2:30.35

1600m - 5:12.5

3200m - 11:17.06

4K (xc) - 15:43.20

5K (xc) - 19:04.50

2015 Cross Country - 19:23  (59th place)

 Where were you born?

 I was born in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

What sports did you play growing up?

Throughout elementary and middle school, I participated in a variety of sports. In elementary school, I dabbled in gymnastics and basketball. Additionally, I began to play hockey as a fourth grader. I took this sport very seriously and played it year-round for 7 years. The only reason I quit hockey after sophomore year was because it became harder and harder for me to balance both sports.

How did you get interested in cross country?

 My mom was a strong advocate for distance running because she was a competitive distance runner herself. She did an array of road races while she was on the Run-n-Fun race team. The fact that my mom loved running ultimately sparked my own interest. This interest led to me to participate in the running activities my school provided. At my elementary school, fourth and fifth graders could participate in a cross country race that was ¾ of a mile. I did this race both years and I loved it each time I did it. In addition, each year in gym class every student would have to do a mile time trial. Most kids dreaded this day, but I found it to be so much fun.

 Why did you join the track & field team?

Many of the girls on my cross country team also participate in track and field. It is such a fun and easy way to keep running in the spring. I personally started track in middle school and have continued it into high school. I started in middle school because I had a lot of friends doing it and I loved having the opportunity to improve my mile time.

 Who coaches you and what do they do well?

 Throughout cross country my two main coaches have been Dave Emmans and Addison Hallen. Both have been extremely influential in my running career and my development as a person. Dave and Addy are extremely dedicated to our team. The amount of time they put in, from planning workouts to organizing team activities, is extensive and does not go unnoticed.

This dedication we see from them correlates to the motivation we posses as a team. Dave in particular is extremely supportive. He is there to celebrate with you after a good race, and he is also tremendously encouraging and uplifting after a race or workout has gone poorly. In addition, he is very open and honest. In the past, I have had coaches that are cryptic and hard to read.

With Dave, I always know his reasoning for something and I know he has my best interest at heart. On the other hand, Addy is extremely good at verbalizing a message to our team. She always knows the right thing to say to get everyone on the same page. Personally, she has taught me a lot about the importance of running as a team. She is a huge advocate of running for your teammates, and this value has enhanced my running experiences extremely.