Jumping Hacks - An Interview

Personal Records:

Long Jump - 22-1

Triple Jump - 45-0.25

2016 Class A State - 7th place Triple Jump

2017 Class A State - 7th place Triple Jump, 8th place Long Jump 

Height:  6-1  Weight:  165

Where were you born?

I was born in an Edina hospital but have lived my entire life in Roseville.

What sports did you do when you were young?

My first sport was baseball which I played from first grade until 9th grade.  I also was a wrestler in third grade.  I have been involved in football and basketball since elementary school.

How did baseball help you for track & field?

It helped in many ways.  It helped my hand-eye coordination, gave me a base of conditioning for all sports, and especially helped for teamwork.  This was important because track tends to be an individual sport.

Who are your coaches and what do they help you with?

Marc Paul is our head coach and he works mostly with the sprinters.  Bob Quast is our Jumps coach and has around 20 years of experience doing so.  Bob does a lot of research on jumping and helps us with mental confidence.  He films all our jumps and brings them to us during the meet so we can see what we did and then is able to give us one important thing to work on for the next jump.

I see that you high jumped 5 feet as a freshman.  Why don't you continue to do that event?

We have found that although there are people that do all of those events, that they are all going on at the same time.  Most people wind up choosing only two among the HJ, LJ, and TJ.  For me it worked out best to drop the high jump and concentrate on the other two.

You were All-Section in Football and All-Conference in Basketball as well as All-State in Track & Field.  Which is your best sport?

Track & Field is my favorite sport and is also the one that most college recruiters talk to me about.