What A Dahl! - An Interview

Photo provided by David Dahl

Personal Records

800m - 2:00.46

1600m - 4:23.59

3200m - 9:42.4

2 Mile (xc) - 10:07.00

5K (xc) - 16:09.20

XC State 2016 - 16:38.7  39th place

XC State 2015 - 17:00.7  100th place

Where were you born?  What sports did you play growing up and what led you to play the ones you do now?

I was born in Arizona.  My main sport when I was in middle school was basketball.  That helped me become a better runner.  My older brother Jeremy Dahl competed in cross country and track & field and my older sister Kristine Dahl was a pole vaulter.  Since I always did well in the school mile run test it was only natural that I also competed in those sports.

Who are your coaches?  How did they help you as a runner and a person?

My coaches are Ross Fleming, and assistant coaches Aaron Thompson and Bill Pratt. They all help me improve in my running skills, and Coach Fleming has really helped me learn a lot of life lessons about leaving a positive legacy, and focusing on what's important in whatever I'm doing.

Name some important teammates you have had over the years.  How have they influenced you?  Why are or were they important to you?

All of my teammates are important to me, especially the older varsity runners from my sophomore year. They taught me what it's like to run on varsity and showed me that the sport is about the team, not just getting a personal best. Zeke Lelinga and Austin Streit are the guys who push me the hardest in races.