A Virtual Look At The State Championships

The State Championships are finally arriving. Out of over 600 running squads in Minnesota, 64 will be competing for team glory this Saturday while facing the very best (or, at least, most of the best) that the state has to offer. How will they finish? Who will come out on top? We'll find everything out on Saturday, but until then, have a look at our virtual meet projections for a glimpse at what the outcome would be is athletes perform according to who they have done this season. As usual, in our effort to provide as complete a picture as possible, each competition is projected using both season best times and season average times. Neither is perfect, but both tell a valuable part of the story. 

As such, feel free to check out what might transpire in the team competitions this Saturday! 

                          Season Bests                      Season Average

                                     Class A Boys                                          Class A Boys

                                     Class A Girls                                          Class A Girls

                                   Class AA Boys                                        Class AA Boys

                                   Class AA Girls                                        Class AA Girls

    *Note - These virtual meets contain only the athletes from teams who qualified to compete at State. Individual competitors will not be listed.