You Can Contribute to MileSplit MN Coverage

There are many ways that anyone, from casual fans to official volunteers, can help make MileSplit MN better for everyone.

Volunteers Welcome

In any given week, there are more meets to cover than there are MileSplit MN staff members to cover them. Even at the meets we already cover, there are too many aspects of coverage for one person to possibly handle.

Everyone Can Contribute

At its best, MileSplit MN is a community: a large and diverse group of people that share a common passion for Minnesota track and cross country. That means you don't just have to be a "consumer" of our content, you can actually add to it! You don't have to be a staff reporter or even an official volunteer to make a positive contribution to the site, and provide something that may prove valuable to another fan of the running sports. Here are some ways that anyone can feel more involved in the coverage, and

  • If you take pictures or record videos at meets, share them with other MileSplit MN fans by posting them on the meet page. Simply click the add photos tab, put your photos in a folder, drag, and drop. It is beneficial to us if you can sort them by race. Note: must have Chrome as your browser to upload photos. For videos, copy the link from either your youtube account, facebook, or flotrack account and post away!

  • Have a neat feature story? Want to write an article? Want to be one of our student reporters/bloggers and gain valuable journalism experience? Let us know!

  • Did you graduate from high school, but still want to be involved with the sport? We are now accepting college interns for the fall semester.

  • Post training/racing questions, supportive comments, or topics for interesting discussion (even including links to outside stories or articles) in the forum.

  • Follow your favorite athletes, be they your own children, your teammates, or just the ones that impressed you the most (this can be done from their profile page).

  • Interact with other athletes by commenting on their performances and accomplishments (again, through the feed on the profile page).

At our goal is to give track and field and cross country the same love and attention as more mainstream sports. This is our audience, our community and we want to create celebrities and Super Bowls. We want to showcase the stars of our sport and the main events they will be competing in. If you are interested in joining our team or have any comments, questions, or concerns drop me a line:

We look forward to an amazing cross country season with tons of coverage from across the state. Thank you for your support in making this the best site for high school track and field and cross country!