Running Is All In The Family For Caitlin Covington

Caitlin Covington of Perham Class of 2019

Personal Records:

800m - 2:24 relay split

1600m - 5:11.64

3200m - 11:52.62

4K (xc) - 15:11.00

5K (xc) - 18:59.00

XC State 2016 - 24th

XC State 2015 - 26th

XC State 2014 - 42nd

XC State 2013 - 92nd

T&F State 2017 - 3200 12th 

T&F State 2016 - 1600 13th, 4x800 Relay 4th

T&F State 2015 - 3200 10th 

T&F State 2014 - 4x800 Relay 14th

What sports did you play growing up?

Ever since 4th grade, I've always had the passion to run because of my mom. I tried basketball in 5th and 6th grade, and won a free throw shooting contest. I was also in taekwondo and ballet.  When my high school career started, I devoted myself to be a runner: fall, winter, and spring.

Who are the top seven girl runners for Perham?

Girls top 7: Everyone who is willing to be their very best and to give it their all for their teammates.

The coaching team of Jeff Morris, Kay Morris, Brent Hanson, and Penny Birkeland is recognized by many as one of the best in the state.  Beyond training what do they do that makes them wonderful?

They are just all out wonderful people. Each of them makes everyone on this team feel special. They all have other lives outside of this sport, and it's just amazing to see.

My coaches care deeply about other people and they get us to believe in ourselves when we don't. They take time and listen to our issues outside of this sport and try to support us the best they can, and they always challenge us to do better and to push ourselves to our limits.

Your sister Brynnan Covington, now at North Dakota State University, was a ten-time state qualifier to the state meet.  You have now qualified eight times.  How has she helped you in the past?  Have you been able to help her?  Are there any other family members who have inspired you girls?  Please give me their names and accomplishments and tell how they inspired or educated you?

Ever since we were little, Brynnan and I would always push each other to be our very best.  My dad (David Covington) always encouraging me to do my best. My mom (Raeanna Covington) was in national cross country running in 1988 and has continued to run throughout her life including 4 marathons and qualifying for the Boston this past May. She encourages us to never give up and that anything is possible if you just give it your all.

My oldest brother Tristan was a state 800 meter runner. My oldest sister Ciarrin Sailer was one of Perham's best team leaders who I want to model myself after. And she was on a state qualifying team for 5 years as well as a state track competitor 3 times.

How has your training changed over the many years you have been a runner?

My training over the years has definitely improved. I now realize how important training is. The older I get the more miles I run. Summer and winter training is very important because even if you don't run for a few days it does reflect on your season.

What are the most common mistakes you see inexperienced runners making?

The biggest mistake beginning runners make is over doing it, and later hurting themselves.  If you look closely... usually in the beginning of the races you see a few runners just bolting it out.

What is your favorite workout?

My favorite workout for Cross Country would have to be mile repeats, because it's not only physically hard but also mentally hard. It pushes us and that's what happens when we race too.

Do you do any sprint training or do you prefer to stick to speed endurance workouts?

Our coach will have us do speedy workouts every so often. It usually depends on how we finish our last part of our races. If we run a bad last 400 to 800 we will work on that, or we usually do endurance stuff, like mile repeats with a 400 tag or something like that.