Some Words With Potential State Record Holder Shae Buchman

Shae Buchman, Rosemount Class of 2018

Shae was born in St. Paul and began playing softball, soccer, volleyball, and track & field.  She has been in Track & Field since Kindergarten and has 5 letters in that sport so far.  She has 4 letters in volleyball and was named Honorable Mention All-Conference as an Outside Hitter.  She is 5-10 and 145 pounds.

  • Parc Williams for the hurdles
  • Jay Hatleli for the long jump
  • Doug Anderson for long jump
  • Brett Larson for the relays
"I have had all four of these people since 7th grade, and they make me work hard!"

Personal Records

  • 100 Hurdles - 14.08 (MSHSL State Meet Record, MN All Time #2)
  • Long Jump - 18-1/2
  • 300 Hurdles - 45.77
  • 2017 State Champion 100 Hurdles/2nd Place Long Jump
  • 2016 4th Place 100 Hurdles/State Qualifier Long Jump

What are some of the adversities you've faced, and what have been your solutions to them?

As a freshman hurdler, I fell 3 times, and in grades 8-10, I had hamstring and/or quadriceps injuries.  In addition, I've had to be careful with shin injuries.

I have found that rest has helped her the most to recover.  Also, I've found in recent years that working out in the Rosemount Dome on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays have prepared her better for track.  Typically I do 600-500-400-300-200 cutdowns, plyometrics, short sprints, and/or hurdle drills (but not all the same day, of course!)

I've also improved my diet by cutting out junk food (with the exception of "Treat Yourself Friday").  I've done some reading about what is good for sprinters to eat, and I also make sure I drink lots of water.

What advice do you have for young hurdlers? How about long jumpers?

Rhythm might be the most important.  You have to get your steps down but in rhythm. Balance and snapping the lead leg down. We have drills for all of these and also ones for the trail leg.

For long jumpers, you have to be explosive and go for height!

With the three events I do shin splints can be a problem no matter how good of shape I am in. So my coaches and I pay attention to how I feel during practice.  If I tweak a muscle I have to back off, sometimes for the day.  The event that can be the most difficult for shin splints and overwork is the long jump.  But you do have to do the run-throughs in that event and get your steps down.