Eli Hylen Could Become A Three-Time State Champion

Eli was born in Luverne, Minnesota but left there when he was 3 years old.  He started playing basketball at 6 years old, baseball at 7, and football when he entered the 4th grade. He currently he plays basketball at the high school level splitting time between the varsity and JV.  He has participated in track & field since 7th grade, but began with the varsity in the 8th grade.  He is 6-3 and 178 pounds.

MSHSL Meet Performances:

2017 High Jump State Champion (Career best 6-8)

2016 High Jump -17th Place

Who has coached you?

My head coaches are Mark Hanson and Brittany Kurtz.

Shane Magnuson is my high jump coach.  He was a hurdler and high jumper when he was athlete.  He went 6-4 in high school despite having a broken ankle.  He really helped me make huge improvements last year. Before that, I had Terry Nutter as my coach.  Nutter actually used the Western Roll when he was in school so was not able to help out with the high jump as much.  But he's still with us and is a great long jump coach. We have long jumpers at State almost every year.


What adversities have you had?

In seventh grade I had some shin splint problems because I was doing so many sprinting and jumping activities.  Then in my freshman season I developed some back problems.  As a sophomore I dislocated my shoulder in basketball. To solve the back problems I went to a chiropractor and also balanced out my weight training program so that I now develop both the front and the back of the body equally well.  The exercise that helped him the most was the Glute-Ham Hyper Exercises. The dislocated shoulder was pretty much healed up by the time track & field started but initially it was a bit of a mental problem.  It did not take me long to get over that however.