The Perfect Name For A High Jumper - An Interview With Ethan Heitman

Ethan Heitman, Lake City High School Class of 2019

Personal Bests

High Jump:      6'8"

Long Jump:     23'0"

100 meter dash:  11.51

4 x 400 team best time:  3:28.02

MSHSL State Meet 2017:

3rd place in the High Jump

3rd place in the Long Jump

11th place 4 x 400 Relay

Tell me a little bit about your background.

I was born in Rochester but grew up in Lake City.  My first sport was soccer which I began playing in Lake City in our town tourney as a kindergartner.  I played that sport until fifth grade.  I also started track and field in city youth camp in elementary school.  Then in sixth grade I began playing football and basketball.  I stopped playing football in eighth grade and ran cross country during my ninth grade year.  Basketball, and track & field are my sports now.  We made it to state in basketball last year and finished in sixth place.


What adversities have you had in sports?

I had a great summer in the USATF Junior Olympics program and am currently the top ranked high jumper and long jumper in the state of Minnesota.  My biggest adversity so far in my career is an ACL tear that occurred in one of those meets last August.  I first hurt the knee in the Junior Olympics.  It seemed minor so I kept competing.  It seemed to be a hyperextension and did not hurt that much or affect me so I thought very little about it. 

I had previously put off my basketball teammates who wanted me to play some basketball before the track & field meets.  So a couple days after what I thought was not a serious knee injury I gave in to my friends and played basketball.  I fell over while playing and hurt the knee again.  From there I sat by and watched them play.  They drove me home afterwards. It hurt so bad that I had a difficult time walking.  So I iced it for a couple of weeks.  Then I went out to test it and during a simple jump stop the knee popped.  From there we went to the Mayo Clinic.  I had reconstruction surgery in September. With this, I have become a mentally stronger athlete.


Who are you main competitors? 

My main competitors that I saw the most last year are Connor Christensen of Byron and Marcus Weaver of Lewiston-Altura.  Tyl Woelber of Pipestone Area, who I do not see often, is also a major competitor for me.  I talk to all of these guys.