Five Bold Predictions For Minnesota Track & Field In 2018

5. Allyson Weiss and Jodi Lipp will both Triple Jump 41 Feet

Allyson Weiss is the twice-defending state champion for the triple jump in Class AA, and with her jump of 40-3 earlier this winter, she has moved up to being the fifth-best Minnesota triple jumper of all time. Both that jump and her other early season performances are strong indications that Weiss is gunning for Jordan Helgren's decade-old state record of 41-1.75, and in fact has a great chance at breaking it.

But it is easy to forget that Weiss' state championship last season almost didn't happen, as a mishap on the judge's part almost prevented Weiss from being able to compete in State finals. As a result of the judges watching the wrong board on one of her jumps, Weiss was granted a fourth jump in prelims after all her previous jumps were fouls. And then she was granted a fifth jump when she appealed that she hadn't been given enough recovery time between her third an fourth jumps (which took place less than two minutes apart). That fifth jump ended up being the winner.

That also meant Jodi Lipp, who took second for the second year in a row behind Weiss and currently owns the seventh-best triple jump in Minnesota history at 39-10.5, once again fell shy of her first ever state title. 

There is no animosity between the ladies, but you can bet the two seniors both have the same goals in mind this year as two of the best jumpers Minnesota has ever seen - they want to be the best.

With Helgren's record being well-within reach of both stars, the race is on to see who can reach it first. And if there is one thing that is true in track and field, it is that nothing is more motivating than trying to beat a rival in a race. As such, I have no doubt that both Lipp and Weiss  are going to do something special this year in both of their best events. And with last year being the best year for triple jumping in Minnesota history (six of the top 16 jumps ever came from last season), there is more than enough inspiration for the next generation of Minnesota triple jumpers to achieve special things in the near future.