Who's Gonna Win? True Team Virtual Meet Central

It's True Team Week, which means that more numbers are going to be crunched by coaches all over the state this week than in any other week of the season. And with every point counting and the sheer immensity of the number of possible outcomes, we want to do our part to try to help coaches and athletes participate in and predict the outcomes of each section. Thus, we have created a virtual meet using the True Team scoring method* to see how each team stacks up against each other in all 24 sections for both boys and girls. Will your team make it to True Team State? Could they be good enough to grab one of the 3 new wild card spots? We'll find out this week!

Check out our predictions for every single True Team Section!

Boys                                                       Girls

 1A        1AA        1AAA                                                1A        1AA        1AAA

 2A        2AA        2AAA                                                2A        2AA        2AAA

 3A        3AA        3AAA                                                3A        3AA        3AAA

 4A        4AA        4AAA                                                4A        4AA        4AAA

 5A        5AA        5AAA                                                5A        5AA        5AAA

 6A        6AA        6AAA                                                6A        6AA        6AAA

 7A**    7AA        7AAA                                                7A**    7AA        7AAA

 8A        8AA        8AAA                                                8A        8AA        8AAA

*Note: Virtual Meet results are not able to completely accurately reflect the scoring method for True Team, as it only allows 25 athletes to be scored in each event, and does not account for athletes competing in relays against the statewide four-event limit. The results and scores reflected here are the best approximations possible within the limitations of this tool. 

**The assumption has been made that all 29 teams in Section 7A will participate. However, past years have indicated that most likely, far fewer than that number will compete in that region. This will have a significant effect on the way this section is scored.