Lane 8 Was Wright For Him - An Interview

Cal WrightMora High School Class of 2018

Personal Records:

100m - 10.98

200m - 22.24

400m - 48.95

Long Jump - 21-4.5


Where were you born?

I was born here right in the local Mora hospital.


What are your earliest sports memories?

My dad was the Mora varsity coach for 15 years.  As a kindergartner after one of the games they lowered the rims to 8 feet and my dad put me over his head and I dunked it!  My first sport was basketball and I have played it from first grade to this year.  In second grade I started soccer but I quit after two days because I was attached to my mom and hated how I hardly ever got the ball.  I also started baseball as a first grader and played that until 9th grade.  My football career has been from third grade to 12th grade.


Why did you quit baseball and eventually join track & field?

My favorite sport has always been basketball and in the spring I would play baseball and AAU basketball (I scored 25 points in my first AAU game).  AAU basketball and baseball together take a lot of time.  So I chose to just play basketball.  It turned out that I would practice or play basketball games only a few days per week.  Then the other days I would lift weights.  I'm a person who always has to keep moving so I found out as a sophomore in high school that this was not enough for me.

Chris Goebel had been trying to get me out for cross country and track & field since I was quite young.  So in late April of that year I decided to join the track team.  Immediately I was the best 100-200 sprinter on the team.


What are your high varsity sports and what have you accomplished in each?

I have lettered four years in football as a wide receiver and cornerback.  We made it to the section final my junior year and our senior year we made it to state.  I made all-conference both years and all-section as a senior.  I also broke the records for receiving last season with about 40 catches for 700 yards and 12 touchdowns.

I have also letter for four straight years in basketball.  We never did anything significant as a team but as an individual I did well.  I made all-conference three years, all section two years, and as a senior averaged 29 points, 3.5 assists, and 2 steals per game.  I also became the only player in Mora history to score over 2000 points.  I am 6'3 ½" and 180 pounds.

Track & Field has been an amazing experience for me.  As a sophomore I did not get to run in many meets because I broke my scull open and got a concussion when I jumped down the steps in my house. This was my second concussion, I also had one when I was an 8th grader in football.  Both times it took me about 3 weeks to recover.  You are required to get a lot of rest and stay away from electronic screens.  I missed a couple days of school and had to see the doctor a couple of times.  It was hard to be away from exercise for that long a period. I still made the all-conference team in the 4x100 and long jump that year.  As a junior I made all-conference in the long jump, 200, 400, and 4x200.