Salute To Seniors - Jenna Parent

Jenna Parent
Forest Lake High School

    What are all your personal records?

      100: 13.15

      200: 26.83

      400: 1:00.69

      Pole Vault: 11' 6"

      Triple Jump: 37' 5"

      Long Jump: 16' 10.5"

      How did you get started as a track or cross country athlete?

      I used to swim and my swimming coach was also the assistant cross country coach during the fall of the school year. I was going into 7th grade and I asked her if I should swim or go out for cross and she said, "Honey, I've seen ya swim, but I wanna see you RUN!" The following spring, I was unsure about whether or not give up fastpitch softball and join the track team instead, and with a little help of discussing about the topic with the head cross country/ track and field coach, I decided to go out for track and give up an offer I had to go play on a club fastpitch team.

      What was your most memorable competition?

      Probably either when I broke 6 in the mile in seventh grade, or when I broke the school record for FL last year for pole vault. My best friend and neighbor, Joe Thill was there watching me (which it was so important because he never had before) and he was the first person I hugged after I made the bar.