Ten Class AA Girls Squads With The Biggest Potential


Like Minneapolis Washburn, Minnetonka is a good team that's going to have a tough time making it out of their section and on to State. Last year, their season ended with a disappointing 3rd in 6AA and 10th at Regionals. Making up for talented 2018 graduates Sophie Whicher, Libby Halbmaier, and Marla Bailey will be a challenge that Minnetonka must surmount this fall. However, with only one senior currently in their top five, Minnetonka's squad is made up of a lot of young girls with a lot of promise. Their solid 2-5 pack and 1-5 spread of 55 seconds seem a harbinger of success. And sophomore standout Annalise Johnson's high school track debut as a part of Minnetonka's State-winning 4x800 team bodes well for her 2018 cross country season and Tonka's future.

1) Annalise Johnson 2021 18:41.22
2) Anna Cherian 2021 19:20.35
3) Kate Leblanc 2022 19:27.09
4) Ilana Levine 2019 19:34.80
5) Ellie Retzlaff 2021 19:37.12
Average Time: 19:20.12 Total Time: 1:36:40.58 1-5 Split: 55.90
6) Alli Bertagnolli 2019 20:26.65
7) Ilse Frederickson 2021 20:38.80