Northern Minnesota & Farmington's First Meet Highlights Day


Duluth East Twin Ports Invitational

Location: Lester Park, Duluth

Weather: Sunny, high 60s-low 70s, with a mild breeze.


Virtual Meet Projection: Farmington (15 points), Duluth East (56 points)

Top Individuals: Noah Revels (Farmington, 16:28), Brennen Peterson (Farmington, 16:51), Carter Altman (Farmington, 16:57), Caden Speikers (Farmington, 17:07), Regan Sevenich (Farmington, 17:08), Nolan Haney (Duluth East, 17:29)

The Skinny: With no data to go on from this season, on paper it appears that this race will be all about Farmington. Only one athlete that doesn't run for the Tigers has broken 17:30 before. Farmington is projected to take the top seven spots, so watch out for a clean sweep for a team that may have a shot to work its way onto the rankings as the season progresses. Their young duo of Noah Revels and Brennen Peterson should lead the way after impressive track seasons.


Virtual Meet Projection: Farmington (15 points), Duluth East (53 points)

Top Individuals: Anna Fenske (Farmington, 17:05), Lauren Peterson (Farmington, 17:26), Josie Laube (Farmington, 19:05), Maleah Scott (Farmington, 19:18), Laura McGregor (Farmington, 19:20), Molly Weberg (Duluth East, 19:49), Rebecca Miles (Duluth East, 19:53)

The Skinny: The biggest storyline of this meet will be the debuts of US#16 Anna Fenske and NXN Qualifier Lauren Peterson, both currently ranked in the top four in Class AA. But don't forget to take note of how the rest of the Farmington girls do, as they are currently the 21st ranked team in the entire country. The progression of Josie Laube, Maleah Scott, and Laura McGregor will be the key to determining if this squad will have a shot at an NXN berth. Molly Weberg and Rebecca Miles of Duluth East have both cracked 20:00, and will try to prevent a Farmington sweep, which may be more possible if Farmington treats the meet like a training session as they did last year.

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