Stars Out To Shine On Today's Big Day Of Racing


Pine City Invitational 

Location: Pine City Country Club, Pine City

Weather: Low 70s and sunny


Virtual Meet Projection: Pine City (72), Spectrum (78), North Branch (95)

Top Individuals: Tommy Ryan (Pine City, 16:55), Nate Webster (Pine City, 17:32), Joseph Nihart (North Branch, 17:52), Cedric Lefave (Hinkley-Finlayson, 17:53),

The Skinny: Tommy Ryan is off to a good start to his season, being narrowly edged out for the win at the Princeton Invitational by one second.  He is returning from his breakout season which saw him not only qualify for the Class A state meet but to finish in 34th. His Pine City teammate Nate Webster should be near him as they are the top two returners from this race last year. The home team of Pine City has the win on paper. Their duo that should grab the top two spots are essential to their winning score because the team from Spectrum is not far behind and has a much tighter packed top five runners.


Virtual Meet Projections: Mora (37), Zimmerman (63)

Top Individuals: Cheresa Bouley (Zimmerman, 19:25), Alaina Steele (Pine City, 20:08), Hailee Zimpel (Zimmerman, 20:16), Peyton Oslin (Mora, 20:17)

The Skinny: The girls of Mora saw their team enter the top ten rankings for Class A this week, coming in at ninth. This came after a very impressive win at the Milaca Early Bird Invitational, winning with 17 points ahead of Chisago Lake Area's 58 points. The team from Zimmerman grabbed their first win of the season at the Princeton Invitational last week with their leader, Cheresa Bouley winning the 5000m race by almost one minute. Bouley looks to be able to put on a similar showing today, coming in with a personal best well above the rest of the field and already beating Alaina Steele this season who has the second best personal best. Peyton Oslin of Mora is coming in with a win under her belt this season as well and it would be a huge upset to Bouley if she grabbed another win.

(written by Emma Benner)