Virtual Meet Central: How Does Your Team Stack Up?

Sections are next week! Do you know where your team stands this season? Want a glimpse into what might go down? Check out our virtual meet results for every section meet!*

Class A

Boys                                Girls

1A                                    1A
2A                                    2A
3A                                    3A
4A                                    4A
5A                                    5A
6A                                    6A
7A                                    7A
8A                                    8A

Class AA

Boys                                Girls

1AA                                 1AA
2AA                                 2AA
3AA                                 3AA
4AA                                 4AA
5AA                                 5AA
6AA                                 6AA
7AA                                 7AA
8AA                                 8AA

*note: these virtual meets are based on the season-best 5K times for each runner of each team. You also have the option of viewing a virtual meet based on season-average 5K times by switching from "Best" to "Average" in the meet setup. Team scores are at the bottom.