Huge Day Of Racing Consists Of Twenty Meets


Location: Pike Island, Fort Snelling, St. Paul

Weather: High 40's, rain


Virtual Meet Projection: Como Park (33), Washington Technology (37), Johnson (65)

Top Individuals: Suleyman Jafer (Washington, 17:23), Alistair Patison (Como Park, 18:24), Andrew Hoang (Washington, 18:26), Henry Wieffering (Johnson, 18:40)

The Skinny: Como Park's top runner Kalid Ali is a transfer from St. Paul Central and cannot score for Varsity, but that may not be enough to prevent Como Park from getting the win in this St. Paul battle. Washington is their closest competition, led by the stellar senior Suleyman Jafar, the best runner in the field by a minute The rest of the field after him, however, could look very different from the projections. This could end up being a very close race.


Virtual Meet Projection: Como Park (16), Washington Technology (47)

Top Individuals: Claire Olson (Como Park, 22:09), Justine Wulff (Como Park, 22:18), Saylor Landrum (Como Park, 23:16)

The Skinny: The girls race does not look like it will be close. Como Park has the four fastest runners in the field, and 8 of the top 11. The only other team that is projected to score is Washington, so would be no surprise if Como Park were to get a perfect score. Their top two runners Claire Olson and Justine Wulff will be the primary battlers for the individual first.

(written by Mark Rice)