Huge Day Of Racing Consists Of Twenty Meets


Location: North Park, Albany

Weather: Low 40's, most likely will rain


Virtual Meet Projection: Becker (31), Melrose (54)

Top Individuals: Basil Ricker (Becker, 16:31), Lukas Karel (Becker, 17:02), Preston Poepping (Melrose, 17:07), Grant Mayers (Albany, 17:08), Nathan Douvier (Melrose, 17:25)

The Skinny: The raw numbers definitely suggest that Becker is the favorite to win in Albany, but a closer look makes the race appear much closer (mainly due to the fact that nearly all Becker's season bests were run on the quick Big Lake course three weeks ago). In fact, if season averages instead of season best times are used, it is Melrose that actually wins the virtual meet. Either way, however, Becker looks to have a great meet both as a team and individually. Basil Richter was the winner of the 2017 edition of this meet, and is in great position to defend. His primary competition will be Melrose's Preston Poepping, but they could see a serious challenge from Albany's rookie freshman Grant Mayers who has dropped a ton of time this year and is coming off a great PR in Litchfield.


Virtual Meet Projection: Becker (27), Rocori (42)

Top Individuals: Lexi Dehmer (Becker, 19:00), Danielle Nuest (Becker, 19:06), Victoria Kolbinger (Becker, 19:16), Kristine Kalthoff (Albany, 19:25), Rachel Neu (Albany, 19:47), Merideth Theis (Rocori, 19:49)

The Skinny: One of the more overlooked runners in Class A this year is definitely the four-time All-State sophomore Kristine Kalthoff of Albany, who is hitting just about the time of year that she has historically started taking off. She has the fourth-fastest season best in the field after three Becker runners, and just ran her season best in Lichfield last week. However, those three Becker runners have all had great seasons, and until the Alexandria meet on Saturday, all three had finished in the top ten of every single race they had run this year, and have combined for 12 top-five finishes. It will be a great battle between those four runners near the front. But having those three girls at the front has another benefit - they appear to have a solid advantage over Rocori in the team battle, but with team as young and filled with potential as Rocori (their top five runners are all freshmen or younger), they could close that gap quick with some solid PRs.

(written by Mark Rice)