Emily Covert Runs Again - And So Do Four Conferences


Minneapolis City Conference Championships (postponed to 10/12)

Location: Gale Woods Farm, Minnetrista

Weather: Mid-40's, some sun

Top Individuals: Caleb Haugland (Washburn, 15:53), Thomas Kessens (Washburn, 16:53), Jakub Baatrup-Sabo (Southwest, 16:55), Henry Holcomb (South 16:56), Isaiah Bischoff (South 17:10)

The Skinny: Minneapolis schools will battle it out at Gale Woods Farm for the 2018 City Conference Championships on Tuesday. Washburn High looks to be the favorite again this year as they will likely maintain their top spot in the championship with 28 points with Caleb Haugland and Thomas Kessens leading the way. Washburn ended up with 18 points last year. Minneapolis South High will possibly give them a run for their money with a prediction of 41 points, with their top runners Henry Holcomb and Isaiah Bischoff. Haugland (Washburn) has had a great CC season so far with a 15:53, 1st place finish at the St. Olaf High Showcase back in August, and a 6th place finish at Griak with a 16:10. Holcomb (South) recently had a 17:00 1st place finish at the Tom Watson Invite. Minneapolis Southwest will also likely be contending for a top spot coming in with a 60-point prediction. Jakub Baatrup-sSbo will likely cross the finish line in the top 5, as he just recently had a great finish with a PR of 16:55 at the Swain Invite. With several sub 17 minute runners on the field vying for the top positions, Wednesday's race should be a good one.

Top Individuals: Emily Covert (Washburn, 17:07), Grace Dickel (Washburn, 18:23), Chole Garcia-Grafing (Washburn, 19:23), Maddie Hannon (Southwest, 19:28), Nicole Ryden (Southwest, 20:07)

The Skinny: Washburn looks to take home the win for the girls as well with a prediction of 29 points. Emily Covert has been having an outstanding season so far with four first-place finishes in the 5K, with the most recent win at Griak with an impressive 17:28. Grace Dickel also looks to be a top contender at this year's Conference Championships. Minneapolis Southwest will be competing for the top spot with a prediction of 33 points. Maddie Hannon recently ran a 19:31 at Swain and will be one of Southwest's top runners on Tuesday. Several other runners including Nicole Ryden, Zoe Camp, and Katy Scott all from Southwest will also likely finish in the top ten. Minneapolis South High also has some good runners in the schedule, including Jocelyn Ferguson and Josie Ferguson and a point prediction of 70. Jocelyn recently ran a 20:40 at the Tom Watson Mustang invite for a 1st place finish and Josie had a PR of 20:55 at the Faribault Invite back in September.

(written by Austin Meilke)