The End Is Near: Lake Conference Championships Highlight Day

Location: Adrian Country Club, Adrian

Weather: Sunny with a high of 43


Virtual Meet Projections: Mountain Lake Area (30), Murray County Central (30), Southwest Minnesota Christian (100)

Top Individuals: Dalton Piotter (Mountain Lake, 16:30), Justin Clarke (Murray County Central, 17:13), Ryan Blomgren (Mountain Lake, 17:24), Nathan Everson (Murray County Central, 18:08), Spencer Wajer (Murray County Central, 18:13)

The Skinny: The virtual meet projection puts Mountain Lake and MCC in a virtual, which will make for an exciting race. Mountain Lake is slated to have some runners with impressive times in the race on Monday, which will give Murray County a run for their money. Murray County Central High ran away with a total of 21 points last year at this event. Dalton Piotter looks to be the top runner at the Red Rocks Conference Meet on Monday, and he has been having a great XC season. More recently, he had a 1st place finish at the Windom Invite with a time of 17:06, and a PR at the Redwood Valley Invite with an impressive 16:30. Clarke (Murray County), recently had a PR for a 3rd place finish with a time of 17:13 at the BOLD Invite.


Virtual Meet Projections: Murray County Central (33), Southwest Minnesota Christian (41), Mountain Lake Area (65).

Top Individuals: Morgan Gehl (Murray County Central, 17:55), Mikayla Johnson (Southwest Minn. Christian, 19:48), Moriah Bullerman (Adrian, 20:39), Ashley Overgaauw (Murray County, 21:00), Ella Veldkamp (Southwest Minn Christian, 21:22).

The Skinny: Murray County Central High looks to edge out SW Minnesota Christian just as they did in both their head-to-head matchups this year, and also just as they did with their four-point victory last year at this meet. MCC will, as usual, be led by Morgan Gehl, who will undoubtedly run an impressive race at Red Rock. She has run seven 5K races this season, and has placed first in all of those races, with a PR of 17:55 in her last race at the BOLD Invite in the beginning of October. Mikayla Johnson recently placed 2nd at the Montevideo Invite, and also had a PR of 19;48 at the Redwood Valley Invite back in September. Murray County and SW Minnesota Christian both will likely have 3-4 runners finish in the top 10 for today's race.   

(written by Austin Mielke)