MSHSL Cross Country Rules Updates

Last week the MSHSL board voted to go ahead with the fall cross country season in Minnesota. Here are some of the rules for the season:

Start date: August 17
First competition date: August 27
Last date of regular-season competition: October 10
End date: October 24
Total weeks including postseason: 10
Maximum number of contests: 7
Maximum number of contests per week: 2
Dual or Tri meets only (No invites) Opponents: Conference, Section, local teams only

  • All aspects of athletics including meetings, practices, competitions, transportation, and facility usage must align with the requirements of the Minnesota Department of Education plan for return to learning, must follow the requirements from the Minnesota Department of Health's Guidance on Youth Sports, and must include the required actions identified in the Governor's Executive Orders.
  • The first week of practice should focus on implementing effective protocols and routines for pre-participation screenings, effective social distancing, compliance with all health recommendations, the establishment of pod limits of 25 or less, and additional actions that mitigate the spread of disease and enhance the safety of students and coaches. 
  • Athletic programs must follow the identified protocols for students or coaches who have tested positive, are experiencing symptoms consistent with a COVID-19 diagnosis, or have had exposure to an individual who has been diagnosed with COVID-19. 
  • For schools that are required by localized metrics to be in a distance learning mode, practices are limited to virtual contact only. 
  • Interscholastic scrimmages will not be allowed. 
  • Competitions with opponents from bordering states are allowed when less than 50 miles one way and when determined as local. Competitions of greater distances may be approved by the MSHSL with supporting rationale. Any out of state competition must follow MSHSL guidelines for competition types. 
  • No captain's practices should be held.