Meet Previews: Conference Championships Week 1

Lake Conference Championships


Virtual Meet Results: Wayzata (34), Minnetonka (78), Hopkins (82), Edina (102), Buffalo (112), Saint Michael-Albertville (152), Eden Prairie (157)

Top Individuals: Nick Gilles (15:38.40), Tony Provenzano (16:07.40), Hamza Mohamed (16:08.25), James Dorado (16:16), Caden Nordberg (16:16.40), Ethan Hanold (16:17.80)

The Skinny: The Wayzata boys will look to dominate this meet much like Nick Gilles on Minnetonka will. The Wayzata boys are projected to dominate this meet in the tune of a 44 point win, and putting all five scoring runners in the top ten. The Wayzata boys might have all seven varsity runners in before anyone else even has their first three in. Behind Wayzata, it should be a close race between Minnetonka, Hopkins, and Edina. Though Minnetonka and Hopkins are faster, the Edina boys have a very small split that might help them out in the team race. 

Nick Gilles is the fastest runner in the field by far, with a seasonal best time 30 seconds faster than anyone else in the field. He has run under 16:00 twice this season and has averaged about 15:50 per 5K this season. He will look to win his second straight Lake Conference title. It should be a competitive race behind Gilles as there are several runners who run around 16:10, led by Hamza Mohamed and Tony Provenzano. 


Virtual Meet Results: Minnetonka (42), Wayzata (66), Edina (80), Saint Michael-Albertville (95), Hopkins (95), Eden Prairie (160), Buffalo (222)

Top Individuals: Sydney Drevlow (17:38.70), Ali Weimer (17:43.30), Abbey Nechanicky (18:09.60), Daphne Grobstein (18:16.80), Ella Graham (18:45.79), Avery Marasco-Johnson (18:50.35)

The Skinny: The top four ranked girls team in the Class AAA coaches rankings will all race each other at the Lake Conference Championships. With the talent that all those teams have, you never know what might happen. The Minnetonka girls will be the favorite as they have not lost a race all season and have shown impressive depth and a great pack mentality that lets them post low scores. If Abbey Nechanicky is healthy and can race, the Wayzata girls might give Minnetonka a run for their money, or if the Edina girls can live up to their potential, you never know what might happen in this meet. This is the deepest conference in Minnesota, and it should be another amazing race like usual. 

The top two ranked girls runners in Minnesota and two members of the MileSplit50 will toe the line against each other in our most anticipated race of the week at the Lake Conference Championships. This will be the first time since the St. Olaf High School Invitational that Drevlow and Weimer have gone head-to-head. Weimer came out on top by 8 seconds there to hand Drevlow her only loss of the season.

With two girls with PRs of 17:38 (Drevlow) and 17:43 (Weimer) this season, and matching 4 meet wins streaks, anything can happen between these two girls. If Abbey Nechanicky is healthy and can run, she has the talent to give both Drevlow and Weimer a run. Behind them, standout freshman Daphne Grobstein should be the clear-cut 4th runner.