Meet Previews: Conference Championships Week 1

Heart of Lakes Conference Championships


Virtual Meet Results: Perham (23), Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton (76), Hawley (104), Pelican Rapids (112), Lake Park-Audubon (112)

Top Individuals: Jakob McCleary (15:51.25), Charlie Larson (16: 42.17), Caden Doll (16:52.35), Micah Thompson (17:01.44), Bjorn Anderson (17:02.64)

The Skinny: On the boy's team side and individual side it is all Perham for the Heart of Lakes Conference. The Perham boys are projected for a near-perfect score coming in the four of the top five runners. They will win this meet and have the top-boys runner in Jakob McCleary who should win by almost a minute over Charlie Larson.


Virtual Meet Results: Perham (23), Hawley (36), Lake Park-Audubon (86), Breckenridge (116), Pelican Rapids (118), Frazee (156)

Top Individuals: Gracie Morris (19:18.17), Quincy Anderson (19:48.14), Leelou Novotny (19:51.15), Paula Heide (19:53.40), Lily Peterson (19:59.40)

The Skinny: Unlike the boy's side, the girl's team race should be more of a competition between Perham and Hawley. The Perham girls are projected to win and have the top three runners, but the projections have Hawley with the three runners after them. The Perham girls have their fifth and sixth runners coming in before Hawley's fifth. If Hawley wants to win, fifth runner Kira Thompson will have to have the race of her life. 

On the individual side, Perham's Gracie Morris is the favorite with a seasonal best time 30 seconds faster than anyone else in the field. The talented eighth-grader is running her best going into championship season and will look to PR for the fourth time this season.