Coming Soon: Greatest of All-Time Minnesota Team XC Poll

From left to right: Joe Klecker, Megan and Bethany Hasz, Khalid Hussein, and Grace Ping


Coming shortly after the cross country season you will have a chance to vote for your favorite team of all-time in our Greatest Minnesota Cross Country Team of All-Time bracket challenge. You will vote in a poll for your favorite team in a head-to-head match-up against other all-time great Minnesota schools. 

The schools were chosen based on their fastest five runners all-time within our database. For example, the Hopkins boys team consists of Joe Klecker, Seth Eliason, Owen Hoeft, Eli Hoeft, and Mike Krisch. The teams consist of all-time greats from all across Minnesota such as the Heath brothers from Winona, recent champions such as Emmet Anderson and Anna Fenske, and current runners Ali Weimer and Elliott McArthur for their respective teams. 

With the five runners chosen for each school, their best 5K times were then averaged out to comprise a top-five average to choose the top 16 schools for each gender. 

Profiles of each team and the five runners that comprise of each team will be released prior to the bracket/polls going live, so keep your eyes peeled!

So without further ado, here are the brackets and contestants for the Greatest Minnesota Cross Country Team of All-Time bracket challenge:



  • Elliot Heath, Garret Heath, Carter Briggs, Jon Michel Brandt, and Hunter Bailey


  • Khalid Hussein, Jaret Carpenter, Connor Olson, Andrew Brandt, and Josh Thorson


  • Wayde Hall, Eric Colvin, Addison Stansbury, Jake Watson, and Eli Krahn


  • Patrick Roos, Max Manley, TC Lumbar, Jack Manderschneid, and Will Burke


  • Seth Eliason, Joe Klecker, Owen Hoeft, Mike Krisch, and Eli Hoeft

Saint Paul Highland Park

  • Micah Mather, Oliver Paleen, Calvin Boone, Innocent Murwanashyaka, and Conor Gregg Escalante

Eden Prairie

  • Aaron Bartnik, Ryan Little, Mohammed Mohamed, Jackson Willey, and Jake Derouin


  • Matt Wilkinson, Max Lauerman, Beau Pullman, Macallister Karrick, and Nick Gilles


  • Keeghan Hurley, Brandon O'Hara, Kevin Lachowitzer, Jakob McCleary, and Billy Beseman


  • Emmet Anderson, Hunter Klimek, Jeff Brever, Kurt Detloff, and Shannon Webster

Two Rivers

  • Jonathan Stublaski, Myles Fleming, Nick Suacedo, Cruz Barrera, and Magnus Herschbach


  • Rob Finnerty, Cole O'Brien, Faysao Mahmoud, Abdul Salah, and Ali Alhmed


  • Kaafi Adeys, Abdi Awale, NadirMohamed Yusuf, Mahad Hassan, and Mohamed Bedel

Minneapolis South

  • Hassan Mead, Robel Kebede, Woliva Bekelcha, Joel Wagner, and Malcolm Richards


  • Acer Iverson, Michael McBurney, Tim Branigan, James Olson, and John Holt

Mounds View

  • Zach Roozen, Jeff Taylor, Austin Streit, Lukas Hessini, and Elliott McArthur



  • Emma Atkinson, Caroline Sassan, Abbey Nechanicky, Anna French, and Jaycie Thomsen


  • Emily Kompelian, Alex Gits, Amanda Mosborg, Maggie Wagner, and Lauren Cossack


  • Anna Fenske, Lauren Peterson, Mariah Fenske, Mackenzy Lippold, and Laura McGregor


  • Bethany Hasz, Megan Hasz, Jamie Pipenburg, Emma Ecker, and Aleah Miller


  • Anastasia Korzenowski, Meghan Pierson, Isabella Roemer, Miranda Gilbertson, and Marissa Long


  • Sophie Whicher, Maya Mor, Libby Haldmaier, Late LeBlanc, and Ella Graham


  • Lauren Ping, Grace Ping, Morgan Arnold, Sonja Semling, and Claire Ebertowski


  • Jessa Hanson, Heidi Schmitz, Sophie Schmitz, Kayla Rudie, and Lauren Eilers


  • Sydney Drevlow, Laci Provenzano, Daphne Grobstein, Shannon Bergstedt, and Renae Anderson


  • Analee Weaver, Avery Braunshausen, Brooke Elfert, Morgan Peterman, and Elsa Huckels

East Ridge

  • Halle Mestery, Emily Betz, Baily Ness, Lillian Warmuth, and Brenley Goertzen

Minneapolis Washburn

  • Emily Covert, Grace Dickel, Olicia Orr, Chloe GarciaGrafing, and Hannah Oscarson

Forest Lake

  • Emma Benner, Kim Kauls, Norah Hushagen, Regan Duffy, and Caroline Schoessow


  • Maria Hauger, Tess Misgen, Jayda Becker, Kenzie Misgen, and Isabel Meger


  • Ali Weimer, Katie Sigerud, Annalise Davis, Lizzy Heil, and Mia Salas

Eden Prairie

  • Liesl Paulsen, Hannah Jeter, Malakai Holloway, Miriam Sandeen, and Cassy Opitz