Most Dominant MN Girls Track and Field Athletes of All-Time

From left to right: Karina Joiner, Emily Covert and Julia Fixsen


Minnesota has had its fair share of dominant track and field athletes throughout its history, but who has been the best of the best when it comes to owning the top Minnesota high schools times/marks of all-time in state history?

We will look at the all-time lists to see who comes up most often when given everyone's high school performances all-time. For example, how many times an athlete shows up in the top 10 marks of all-time given all performances. 

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This list will be skewed towards athletes that have competed in the 21st century due to more advanced training techniques, technology advances, and increased access to the sport. 

The triple jump is not included here as there was no one dominant triple jumper. 

All statistics are according to the MileSplit Minnesota database. Only results that are in our database show up in our generated rankings

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