2023 MSHCA State True Team Championships Meet Schedule


The 2023 MSHSCA State True Team Championships are almost here and this is your spot to get all the information you need for the meet.


The true team series originated in 1987 by the State Track and Field Coaches Association to address the need in Track and Field for a True TEAM competition. In previous years, a team with a few elite athletes could win the "Team Championship" in a large meet. The Coaches thought the best TEAM should win the Team Championship.

In True Team competition, each team is allowed 2 entries in Class 1 A and 2A (3 entries in Class 3A) in individual events and 1 entry in each relay event. Every entry is placed and scored according to their order of finish, with the idea that a team's second or third entry becomes just as important as their first entry.

There are 3 classes in True Team Competition, with the classes based on enrollment. Enrollments are reviewed on an annual basis, and the True Team Committee revises alignments each July.

Throughout the state, there are 8 Sections in each class, with the champion in each section advancing to the State Meet. The next four best teams in the state in each class also advances as a "Wild Card."

Minnesota is the only state that holds True Team competition in Track & Field. It is organized, governed, coordinated, and sponsored by the State Track & Field Coaches Association.


Location: Stillwater High School
Dates: May 19th and 20th

Limit TWO (2) participants per individual event in Class 1A and 2A and THREE (3) participants per individual event in 3A, ONE (1) relay team per school per relay event. All finals - No prelims.


Participating Teams:

Class A Boys Teams


Meet Schedule:

Friday (Class AAA)

Field Events

Boys Long Jump Flight 13:10
Girls Triple Jump Flight 13:10
Girls Discus3:10
Boys Shot Put3:10
Girls Pole Vault3:10
Boys Pole Vault (Inside)3:10
Boys Long Jump Flight 24:07
Girls Triple Jump Flight 24:07
Boys Long Jump Flight 35:04
Girls Triple Jump Flight 35:04
Girls Shot Put6:00
Boys Discus6:00
Girls Long Jump Flight 16:01
Boys Triple Jump Flight 16:01
Girls Long Jump Flight 26:58
Boys Triple Jump Flight 26:58
Girls Long Jump Flight 37:55
Boys Triple Jump Flight 37:55

Track Events

Girls 4x800m4:00 PM
Boys 4x800m4:15
Girls 100mH4:30
Boys 110mH4:45
Girls 100m5:00
Boys 100m5:10
Girls 4x200m5:25
Boys 4x200m5:35
Girls 1600m5:50
Boys 1600m6:00
Girls 4x100m6:15
Boys 4x100m6:25
Girls 400m6:40
Boys 400m6:50
Girls 300mH7:00
Boys 300mH7:15
Girls 800m7:30
Boys 800m7:40
Girls 200m7:55
Boys 200m8:05
Girls 3200m8:20
Boys 3200m8:35
Girls 4x400m8:50
Boys 4x400m9:05


Field Events (Class A)

Boys Long Jump Flight 110:00
Girls Triple Jump Flight 110:00
Girls Discus10:00
Boys Shot Put10:00
Girls Pole Vault10:00
Boys Pole Vault (Inside)10:00
Boys Long Jump Flight 210:57
Girls Triple Jump Flight 210:57
Girls Shot Put11:45
Boys Discus11:45
Girls Long Jump Flight 111:54
Boys Triple Jump Flight 111:54
Girls Long Jump Flight 212:51
Boys Triple Jump Flight 212:51

Track Events (Class A)

Girls 4x800m10:15 AM
Boys 4x800m10:30
Girls 100mH10:45
Boys 110mH11:00
Girls 100m11:10
Boys 100m11:20
Girls 4x200m11:25
Boys 4x200m11:35
Girls 1600m11:40
Boys 1600m11:50
Girls 4x100m12:05 PM
Boys 4x100m12:15
Girls 400m12:25
Boys 400m12:35
Girls 300mH12:40
Boys 300mH12:55
Girls 800m1:05
Boys 800m1:15
Girls 200m1:30
Boys 200m1:40
Girls 3200m1:50
Boys 3200m2:05
Girls 4x400m2:15
Boys 4x400m2:25

Field Events (Class AA)

Boys Long Jump Flight 13:45
Girls Triple Jump Flight 13:45
Girls Discus3:45
Boys Shot Put3:45
Girls Pole Vault3:45
Boys Pole Vault (Inside)3:45
Boys Long Jump Flight 24:42
Girls Triple Jump Flight 24:42
Girls Shot Put5:15
Boys Discus5:15
Girls Long Jump Flight 15:39
Boys Triple Jump Flight 15:39
Girls Long Jump Flight 26:36
Boys Triple Jump Flight 26:36

Track Events (Class AA)

Girls 4x800m4:00 PM
Boys 4x800m4:15
Girls 100mH4:30
Boys 110mH4:45
Girls 100m4:55
Boys 100m5:05
Girls 4x200m5:10
Boys 4x200m5:20
Girls 1600m5:25
Boys 1600m5:35
Girls 4x100m5:50
Boys 4x100m6:00
Girls 400m6:10
Boys 400m6:20
Girls 300mH6:25
Boys 300mH6:40
Girls 800m6:50
Boys 800m7:00
Girls 200m7:15
Boys 200m7:25
Girls 3200m7:35
Boys 3200m7:50
Girls 4x400m8:00
Boys 4x400m8:10