A Salute to Hunter The Hooligan

(Photo provided by Hunter Froehlich)

How did you get started as a track or cross country athlete?

A friend invited me to a cross country captains practice in 8th grade, and haven't missed a day since.

What was your most memorable competition?

The 2012 Falcon Ridge Meet because it rained that day at some time and the finish line was a mud reddened mess and I "tripped" across the finish line (when in reality, I crossed the finish line and went into a mud slip-n-slide). Another one of my favorite moments from running is starting a "JV" chant with all the racers at the Milaca Mega Meet.

Who was your biggest competitor in your XC career?

I was always trying to compete with my friend Scott Burazin, even though he has always been out of my league.

What was your greatest accomplishment as a XC athlete?

Making spontaneous friends from random schools, and ultimately becoming a captain.