Virtual Meet Central - Subsection Week

It is subsection week! Subsections are the beginning of the official MSHSL postseason, and thus the beginning of the end of the track season as we know it. The qualification standards vary from section to section, but in every case, the top athletes from each subsection will qualify to run at their section meet, where they will get their chance to make it to the MSHSL State Championships on June 8th-9th. As such, we have run a virtual meet simulation for each and every subsection this week to give everyone an idea of just how well each team and each athlete stacks up in their subsection...

Boys                                            Girls

Section 1A

Subsection 1                                                Subsection 1

Subsection 2                                                Subsection 2

Subsection 3                                                Subsection 3

Subsection 4                                                Subsection 4

Section 2A

Subsection 5                                                Subsection 5

Subsection 6                                                Subsection 6

Subsection 7                                                Subsection 7

Subsection 8                                                Subsection 8

Section 3A

Subsection 3A East                                    Subsection 3A East

Subsection 3A Northwest                          Subsection 3A Northwest

Subsection 3A Southwest                          Subsection 3A Southwest

Section 5A

Subsection 17                                            Subsection 17

Subsection 18                                            Subsection 18

Subsection 19                                            Subsection 19

Subsection 20                                            Subsection 20

Section 6A

Subsection 21                                            Subsection 21

Subsection 22                                            Subsection 22

Subsection 23                                            Subsection 23

Section 7A

Subsection 7A North                                 Subsection 7A North

Subsection 7A South                                 Subsection 7A South

Section 8A

Subsection 29                                            Subsection 29

Subsection 30                                            Subsection 30

Subsection 31                                            Subsection 31