Salute To Seniors - Ben Vanderbosch

Ben Vanderbosch

White Bear Lake Area High School

            What are all your personal records?

            400m: 54.5

            800m: 1:58

            1600m: 4:21

            3200m: 9:34

            XC 5K: 15:59

            How did you get started as a track or cross country athlete?

            I started cross country in 6th grade but I ran in road races before that. I joined because my elementary school gym teacher thought I was good at running. On my first day of practice freshman year, we ran like three miles and I thought it was the hardest thing ever and I almost quit, thank God I didn't. I didn't join track until 9th grade because I played baseball in the spring. I think I joined track for about a day in 8th grade just so I could get the shirt. After cross country my freshman year, my coach would not leave me alone about track and I decided that I could probably make varsity in track faster than I could in baseball. What coach doesn't know is that I still play baseball in the summer and last year I got hit the calf by a pitch and it probably almost ended my season before it even started (shhhh). 

            What was your most memorable competition?

            My most memorable competition was probably the section meet this year in cross country. We had been hyping ourselves up all week to beat our nemesis Stillwater and we finally did it and everyone Pr'd and it was great. It was also the nicest weather we've ever had at sections so that was nice too!