Breanna Price Says To Remember To Have Fun

Breanna Price, Class of 2019 - Detroit Lakes High School

What are all your personal records? What State Meet competitions have you been in, and what were your results?

My personal record in discus is 133'5", and I've thrown 36'8" in shot put, I believe. I participated in the 2016 State Track meet for discus ended up finishing 13th. 

How did you first get involved with track? Do you do, or have you done, any other sports?

I first got into track in eighth grade. I had thought about doing it in 7th grade, but I chickened out last minute because I had never done it before and didn't know if I was going to be any good at it and didn't want to embarrass myself. The following year, I knew that this was something I was going to give a try after one of my friends in track was begging me to do it with her, even though she is a sprinter. So I ended up doing it and I remember that it didn't take too long for me to catch on. One day we were throwing at the middle school in the gym since it was still cold out and one of the upper class men said to me, "Jeez Bre, your kicking all of our butts after a week!" So that's how it all started!

Other than track I am also involved in volleyball and basketball. I've played volleyball since I was a little girl and would watch my dad play at the DLCCC on his team. I have also been in basketball for a long time. I started playing in elementary little kids league and then joined travel basketball my 4th grade year.

What is your favorite or most memorable competition you've ever been in?

My most memorable meet was the section meet for track when I was a freshman. I was ranked third in discus and only the top two make it to State. The automatic State-qualifying throw was 132'. My first three throws were good enough to land me in finals and be ranked first. I had nothing to lose so I just went for it and on my first throw of finals and chucked out a 131 footer.  I was amazed along with everyone else from DL. I was sure I couldn't do any better, but sure enough when my second throw came along I hit the qualifying mark with a throw of 132'8". I'll never forget the joy I felt standing at the top of that podium and getting handed the first place medal. 

Tell me a standout memory from your track career.

My stand out track memory that I will always love is when we have our annual home meet. The throwers are known for having a grill and chill/tailgate party while the meet is going on. The day before the meet we all decide who is bringing what to the meet (grill, hotdogs, brats, buns, condiments, chips, plates, napkins, sweets, etc). Of course we also send someone to thrift store to buy a couch for us to all squeeze on as well. It's a great time, we all relax and just have a good time. It's a blast!

Who are some of your favorite athletes to compete against?

My favorite athlete to compete against was Cayle Hovland from Willmar. We don't compete against each other very often other than at the section meet. I beat her my freshman year at sections to go to State when she was ranked second. She was very quick to congratulate me and not sulk on the loss. She beat the following two years, but I loved competing against her because she was very nice and is a good competitor. Sadly, she graduated in 2018 so I will no longer be competing against her.

Who are some people that have been most helpful to you in your athletic career, and how have they helped you?

Two people that have been very helpful to me with my throwing are Rob Nielsen and Josh Omang. Rob has always told me to "get mean" when I throw, and we have an inside saying from one practice when he was telling me that I "just have to be a butthole" when I throw. Meaning I should get angry and explode! Omang has always told me to believe in myself and that I have to tell myself that I'm going to have a good throw and think of positive things. One practice he told me to think of something that I really want and explode as if u were getting it. So I thought of a chocolate extreme blizzard. 

Who might we find cheering for you at competitions?  

I tend to have a group of people cheering me on. At home meets you will see my mom in the outfield of the little kids baseball field (where we throw) hiding behind the batting cage taking pictures of me throwing and cheering me on. My dad and grandparents can be seen along side of the sector watching me throw. Teammates can be seen surrounding the cage cheering me on and my coaches tend to be somewhere that I have to run to get to them so that I'm staying warm before I throw.

What challenges have you have had to face as an athlete? How did you overcome them?

A challenge that I face and am continuing to work on is not being so hard on myself and just have fun when I throw. I tend to put too much pressure on myself, especially at big meets. I think it's because I know the great potential that I have and how well I can throw, but I focus on it too much most of the time. I also put a lot of pressure on myself and think that I have to be the best so I'm working on  just having fun and thinking positive things before I throw more. So rather than thinking, "Okay, this is going to be a good throw, it has to be," I'm working on clearing my mind before I throw and just having fun!

What are your main goals for this track season?

A big goal that I have for this track season is to break my current PR in discus of 133'5" and reach the 137 foot mark which would break our school record. The record has been in place for many years by Lisa Eidenschink, who had a throw of 136'8".

Do you have any post-graduation plans? 

My post graduation plans are to attend Valley City State University and major in elementary education along with a minor in coaching. I have also committed to play basketball and volleyball there!

What advice would you give to younger athletes, or athletes just starting out in track?

Advice that I would give to younguns that are trying out throwing is to give it time because it takes a while to master the technique. It's also okay if you aren't the best as long as you are trying and having fun. So many great memories are made with your teammates in track. 

Tell me one bizarre fact about yourself.

A weird fact about me is that I can whistle just like a bird. Any time I'm around someone and start doing it they kinda freak out and look around. Once they see me smirking they are always like "wait that was you?! do it again!"