Logan Lommel Puts In The Work And The Fun

Logan Lommel, Class of 2019 - Saint Cloud Apollo High School

What are all your personal records?  What State Meet competitions have you been in, and what were your results?
400m - 50.61
4x400m Split - 52.5 in
800m - 1:57.60
4x800m Split - 1:59.9 in
1600m - 4:25.31

Last year I ran at State in the 1600m and placed 13th out of an incredible field, and I ran 4:25 for the third time. I felt pretty good about it, but I hope to come back to State this year.

How did you first get involved with track, and what other sports have you done?
I first got involved with track in seventh grade after following in the footsteps of my siblings. In middle school, I remember running the 1600m, 4x100m, 400m, and 4x400m practically back to back every meet in middle school because I enjoyed competing so much. I also have played soccer since the day I could walk as well as hockey up until high school.

What is your favorite or most memorable competition you've ever been in?
My favorite and most memorable competition that I've participated in has to be the Hamline Elite Meet last year in the 800m. It was a challenging, tactical race in some cold and windy conditions. I was seeded 10th, but I managed a 3rd place finish. Having the opportunity to watch all of the other competitors compete in the different events was also such an incredible experience. 

Tell me a standout non-competition-related memory from your athletics career.
With our distance crew, there is a running gag, where we bring back anything that we find on a run to our coach Justin. Last week on a recovery run we found a tiny kiddy car with a 'Free' sign on it 3 miles out. We did what any ordinary team would do as we took turns carrying it on the way back to Apollo. He wasn't at practice that day, so we will be presenting it to him this Monday.

Who are some of your favorite athletes to compete against?
I have to shoutout the entire Apollo distance crew. My teammates Liban Mohamed, Joel Knopp, Sam Brewer, Cooper Gerads, Hamze Hussein, Jacob Walgren, Peter Olson, Aidan Kuhn, Ethan Logeman (just to name a lot) are always pushing me to be better. On top of them, so many other athletes have helped me reach higher as an athlete over the years such as Alex Nemeth of Sartell, Ryan Fernholz of Sartell, Noah Webb of St. Cloud Tech, or my other half of last year's duo, Biel Wiel, who has been killing it for St. Thomas this year!

Who are some people that have been most helpful to you in your athletic career, and how have they helped you?
My coach Justin Darrow has been such an incredible help to me ever since he has joined the program. He has helped me tactically with races, helped plan effective workouts, and made track a very positive and fun environment. This year, the sprints coach Ms. Lipp has also helped me a lot with my sprinting form. I've learned how to keep my form better at the end of my races as I change gears for the last 100 meters. They're both also helping transform our program into a respected one with their consistent determination.

Who might we find cheering for you at competitions?  
My parents and family have always been very supportive of me. My mom always records my races, and she is always screaming for me to kick it in the last 200 meters. My best friend Emilee has always cheered me on, and my team also always done a good job of supporting one another. Our camp is always empty at meets.

What is a challenge, or challenges, you have had to face as an athlete?
A challenge I've continued to have to overcome is playing club soccer for Fusion SC and track during the spring. I've had to miss practices and even games sometimes in order to commit to track, but it has also helped me as an overall athlete. Having soccer practices or games the same day after track workouts have helped me continue to build my speed and endurance. It has kept me in very good shape although I've been exhausted some days.

What are your main goals for this track season?
My main goal for this track season is to break a school record for Apollo. Our 4x800m looks to be in good shape to be able to run under 7:58.08 by the end of the season, but Ryan Ford's 1:51.75 800m, 49.70 400m, and 4:19.19 1600m set back in 2000 should be much tougher to beat. I think I have the best chance at breaking the 1600m time, but only time will tell.

What are you and your teammates looking forward to the most this year?
Personally, I'm hoping to finish this season as strong as possible. It will be my last year on the track, so I hope to leave it all out on it. Our distance crew is really looking forward to the Hamline Elite Meet (cross my fingers) and Sections as our 4x800m team will be looking to do some damage. As a whole, our team is looking to total as many points as possible at Conference since we haven't been able to crack the top 4 in years.

What are your post-graduation plans? 
My post-graduation plans include attending Western Illinois University, where I will be majoring in history education. I will also be playing Division 1 soccer there.

Do you have any rituals, routines, or superstitions either on or off the track?
Ever since freshman year, I have worn the same pair of red, white, and blue socks for my races. They match our singlets, and I just don't think I'd run as fast without them. They are my lucky socks.

When not doing anything track (or soccer)-related, what might we find you doing?
I might be working on my art projects for school, hanging with friends, or 

What advice would you give to younger athletes, or athletes just starting out in track?
The advice I would give is to get to know your teammates, competitors, and have fun. Running races can be a lot of pressure, so having connections with runners that will push you as you push them can make the sport very enjoyable. Also, run mid-distance, it's the best of both worlds.

Do you have any specific sprinting advice or tips that you would like to share?

As Ms. Lipp says: "Pick up your knees, use your arms, and keep your shoulders relaxed."

Tell me one bizarre fact about yourself.
I have an extra rib bone on my left side. It's weird.