Share Your Story - Introducing MN Reflections 2019

In the state of Minnesota, nearly 35,000 athletes are registered with the MSHSL for track & field. In cross country, that number is over 15,000. And thousands more pick up either sport (or both) every year. And every one of those athletes has a story. Many of them are happy stories, and others are more challenging. Some are stories of overcoming obstacles, while other obstacles proved too difficult to manage. There are stories of achievement and disappointment, of reaching goals and falling short, of learning lessons and being obstinate. There are stories of extraordinary people who have made an impact, and teams with an unbreakable bond. There are stories of being recognized for one's achievements and others where recognition is not found. Injuries can play a big part in many stories, either in their frequency or their avoidance. But while threads of similarities can run through dozens upon dozens of stories, each of them is unique and happened to unique individuals.

As such, Milesplit MN would like to introduce a new opportunity for athletes to tell their stories, whatever they might be. Upon the completion of the MSHSL State Championships, we will begin a new series of ten* articles entitled "MN Reflections 2019" to run through the summer until our in-depth coverage of cross country begins in the fall. This series will provide an opportunity for you - the athlete - to share your own story in your own words. Perhaps it's a story about your team, a coach, or a good friend or mentor that has had a profound impact on you. Maybe it's a story about achieving a goal or facing difficulty. Maybe you just want an opportunity to share about and showcase yourself and your athletic career. Whatever the reason, if you believe you have a story that ought to be shared, this series may be for you.

In order to be considered for inclusion in this series, you must submit a short pitch to Milesplit MN outlining who you are, what you would like to share, and why you would like to share it. This pitch must be fewer than 150 words and will be submitted via email to any time between now and July 15th. No pitches sent after July 15th will be considered. If your pitch is selected, you may begin work on your story, which must be between 1000-2000 words and include four or more pictures (and also must include photo credit). Other than that, the subject matter is open for whichever direction you would like to explore.

Your story must be completed and sent in within two weeks of submitting your pitch, and you must be open to edits, suggestions, and critique. The story may then be published any time between June 10th and August 1st. If you have any other specific questions, feel free to email and let us know.

We're excited to hear your stories, and good luck to every athlete competing at Sections and State, as well as to every athlete whose season has wrapped up!

Submit your pitch to

*this number is subject to change depending on the quality and quantity of the submissions.

**Note: this series will not replace our yearly Salute To Seniors series, for which details will be published later this week.