Class A Boys Pre-Season Team Watch List

Greenway/Nashwauk-Keewatin has managed to qualify for State as a team each of the past four years after having never sent a boys team before. Perhaps not coincidentally, their top runner on all four of those teams has been defending Class A champion Geno Uhrbom. While the massive gap of 88 seconds between Uhrbom's best time and that of their second returning runner senior Spencer Engel is not ideal, this team certainly appears poised to improve from their 8th-place finish last year due to every member of that team returning. Further improvement is likely to come in the form of getting a full season from senior Greg Peterson, who missed a full month of the fall of 2018 due to injury. In addition, this team which once was barely able to put together a varsity squad less than a decade ago has enviable depth and even more enviable youth, as ten of their 13 returning runners with sub-20-minute PRs are underclassmen. So while Uhrbom is certainly the face of this team, they're poised for a long run of success even after his eventual graduation.


1) Geno Uhrbom 15:38.0
2) Spencer Engel 17:06.5
3) Greg Peterson 17:12.1
4) Daniel Olson 17:20.1
5) Michael Butterfield 17:44.3
Average Time: 17:00.20 Total Time: 1:25:01.00 1-5 Split: 2:06.30
6) Weston Marx 18:00.7
7) Grant Hanson 18:23.4