Class A Boys Pre-Season Team Watch List


Ely will return a top five team average that places them among the top ten teams in class A. While the average time is potentially under 17:15 with PR's included, the gap between all-stater Luke Olson and the fifth runner looks to be slightly under two minutes. If the Timberwolves team wants to join Olson at the state meet, that split will have to narrow to better North Shore/Cook County in section 7A. Senior James Schwinghammer did not run in the section meet last fall and his rebound to form that included a PR under 17 minutes would certainly change everything for Ely in late October. A few promising underclassmen ran in the low 17 range last year so there is reason to track their progress in the team standings this fall as they try to challenge GNK at sections and get to state.


1) Luke Olson 16:13.8
2) James Schwinghamer 16:57.4
3) Gabriel Pointer 17:20.6
4) Emmett Faltesek 17:28.6
5) Jasper Johnston 18:04.9
Average Time: 17:13.06 Total Time: 1:26:05.30 1-5 Split: 1:51.10
6) Raif Olson 18:58.0
7) Ethan Bremner 19:02.9