Minnetonka Girls Break State Record in 4x400m Relay


The Minnetonka girls 4x400m team of Zeal Kuku, Bridget KollerEvie Malec and Claire Kohler broke the 9 year old state 4x400m state record at the Lake Conference Championships recently, with a time of 3:48.20 that smashed the previous record. 

The girls dominated in the 4x400m race at the Lake Conference Championships, winning by almost 10 seconds over their rival in Wayzata. 

Zeal Kuku ran the first leg with an impressive split of 55.7 seconds, Malec took the second leg with a split of 58.3 seconds, Killer took the third leg with a split of 57.8 seconds and Kohler took the final leg with a split of 56.4 seconds. 

By the time the second leg of the relay was over, the Minnetonka girls already had a near 5 second lead on the field, after the third leg it was 7 seconds and then finished as a 10-second win. 

All-Time Minnesota Girls 4x400m Times

2Lakeville South3:50.122015
5Prior Lake3:51.482010

This new Minnesota state record placed the Minnetonka girls favorably in the national rankings, as they rank tied for 48th nationally this season, about 13 second behind the #1 ranked Bullis girls of Maryland. 

It was a busy day for all three Minnetonka girls in the 4x400m relay at the Lake Conference Championships. Kuku won the 100m and 200m titles, while finishing third in the long jump. Koller won the 800m title in a very close race over Maddie Gullickson of Wayzata. Malec won the 3200m title in her first full-season winning the race. Finally, Kohler won the 100m hurdles and 300m hurdles titles, staying undefeated in both events this season. 

In conclusion, the Minnetonka girls' 4x400m team's remarkable performance at the Lake Conference Championships not only broke a 9-year-old state record but also showcased their dominance in the event. Led by Zeal Kuku, Bridget Koller, Evie Malec, and Claire Kohler, the team contributed significantly to Minnetonka's overall success, leading the school to the girls' team title with a dominant 193.5 points, 45 points ahead of STMA. With each member contributing impressive splits, they not only secured a significant victory over their rivals but also positioned themselves favorably in the national rankings.

Their success reflects the dedication and talent of each athlete, as evidenced by their multiple wins across various events throughout the championships. The Minnetonka girls have undoubtedly left a mark on the track and set a high standard for future competitions.