Hurst The Hurler - An Interview

(Photo provided by Lexi Hurst)

Personal Records:

100 Meter Hurdles:  19.98

200 Meter Dash:  30.13

Discus:  151-11

Shot Put:  47-9

State Meet Competition Record:

2017  Shot Put 1st  Discus 3rd

2016  Shot Put 1st  Discus 2nd

2015  Shot Put 5th  Discus 11th

2014  Shot Put 8th  Discus 5th

Where were you born and what sports did you play when you were younger?

I was born in Minnesota but I claim my birth place as Michigan. I used to play basketball, tennis, volleyball (for fun in the summer); I was a runner in track & field.  I did gymnastics, and I also do softball in the summer. I think softball helps with my speed a bunch, gymnastics definitely helped with flexibility along with tennis. No my parents we're the type to say "learn as you go".  If I got hurt then I'd know not to do the same thing next time but I never really got hurt until my summer before sophomore year of high school when I tore my ACL and then again summer before senior year.

Why did you ultimately choose to be a thrower?

Track was the next sport in the lineup. I liked to run as a kid and so I did that and I wanted to try everything. So I ran and I did high jump and threw. My coaches were like "you're really good at throwing" and so I stuck with that. 

You are captain of the steps team.  What is "Steps."

Step team is a group of people who use their body and props to make rhythms and beats. It's a place to express our creativity and musician ship without any judgment or restrictions. It's our place to be free and ourselves.

Who are your coaches and how does each one help you?

My head coach is Derek Fisher. He's one of the coaches that is fun sometimes and then super serious the next. He is also becoming the old wise man you see in movies.

My throws coaches are Paul Ellison, Ryan Sommers, and Kailee Kamps. Ellison is like a father to me in so many ways. He feeds me, makes sure I have all my stuff and if I forget some stuff he'll scold me then take me back to get it. He IS the old wise man you see in movies. He's pretty funny sometimes and then most of the times he gets pity laughs.

Ryan Sommers was my coach until he went on paternity leave for his new baby Eleanor (who is adorable btw).  Sommers is the funny, laid back type of coach. He will loosen us up before we throw and then give us tips on how to improve our technique. He's a great guy and I missed him a lot this year.

Kailee Kamps is my new coach this year. She came from the University of Minnesota and she was my coach at the U of M camp that I go to and she is so helpful with technique. She puts Ellison's words into teenager speak and its super helpful considering Ellison is a psychologist and sometimes doesn't switch his speech. Kailee is very technical and very laid back, I love having her as a coach. They have all taught me how to improve my technique and what to get rid of and what to try. Although sometimes they contradict but for the most part it's pretty much the same thing to change.