Virtual Meets Of All Milaca Mega Meet Varsity Races!

One of the biggest nail-biter races of the day will feature the Visitation girls versus Monticello in the 3A race, which out virtual meet projects to come down to a margin of two points! Check out every virtual meet  projection for every varsity race at the Milaca Mega Meet!

                  Boys 1A                                                 Girls 1A

                  Boys 2A                                                 Girls 2A

                  Boys 3A                                                 Girls 3A

                  Boys 4A                                                 Girls 4A

                  *Note: These virtual meets contain the teams which are registered to competing in the race. They do not take into account that many of these athletes will run in their grade level race, or that some teams like Wayzata have sent their varsity to compete at Griak. However, you can edit the results youself to account for this