Waseca's O'Brien Signs with Minnesota State University-Mankato


Sally O'Brien's Personal Best Marks

800 Meter Run - 2:26.75

1600 Meter Run - 5:24.54

3200 Meter Run - 11:31.18

4k Cross Country - 15:07.00

5k Cross Country - 20:32.00


What schools did you consider for your post-high school plans?
The other schools that I really considered besides MSU were the University of Minnesota Duluth, Wartburg, Iowa State, University of Minnesota Moorhead, and St. Thomas.
What ultimately led you to commit to Minnesota State University-Mankato?
The five things that lead me to commit to MSU were the coach, the other athletes, the running program, the beautiful campus, and they had the major that I was looking for available.
Has the coach at Mankato given you any indications of what event or events you might be specializing in as a collegiate athlete?
I will for sure be cross country, but for track I have not been told as to what I will be running.
Have you identified a major or area of study?
I will be majoring in elementary education
What is your favorite HS memory as it relates to cross country and track?
My favorite memories are the two state champion titles that I have earned. One which was won in 2009 for cross country team champion. And the other was won in 2014 for the girls 4x800 meter relay. Also all of the practices hard or easy, because memories and champions were always in the making.
What goals do you have for your remaining high school track season?
I have participated in basketball since I was a seventh grade, but I have made the decision to not play this year for running purposes. Remaining goals I have for my senior year of track are to bring home another state title, and to get a new personal best in the mile and open 800.
What are your goals for your collegiate career?
My goals for my collegiate career are to push myself as hard as I can everyday, whether it be in practice, in the weight room, or in a competition. Also, to be come a more competitive athlete than I was in high school. And to reach all goals that I make throughout my career. And, to help my team become a better competitor with in Division Two.
What advice would you pass on to an athlete trying to make their college decision?
Some advice that I would give to another athlete would be make sure you are at the campus not only to compete in your sport, but also to get a good education. Also, make sure you are comfortable with the coach and the athletes, after all those are the people that you will be spending most of your time with.