Bethany and Megan Hasz Sign With Minnesota

Bethany Hasz' Personal Best Marks

Megan Hasz' Personal Best Marks

800 Meter Run - 2:25.521600 Meter Run (indoor) - 5:24.88
1600 Meter Run (indoor) - 5:02.951600 Meter Run - 4:53.36
1600 Meter Run - 4:47.573200 Meter Run (XC) - 12:34.00
3200 Meter Run (XC) - 12:38.003200 Meter Run (indoor) - 10:54.61
3200 Meter Run - 10:26.403200 Meter Run - 10:32.63
2 Mile Run (XC) - 12:20.102 Mile Run (XC) - 12:16.50
4k (XC) - 13:44.404k (XC) - 13:40.90
5k (XC) - 17:06.005k (XC) - 17:17.90

Bethany and Megan Hasz (Alexandria) have certainly made their mark on Minnesota history at the high school level. We can now officially enjoy watching them make their mark in Minnesota Gopher history as well! The Hasz sisters officially signed their letter of intent to run for the Gophers on Wednesday. MileSplit MN had a chance to catch up with them and get their thoughts on the following questions.

What schools did you consider for your post-high school plans?

Some of the schools that we considered other than the University of Minnesota were UNC Chapel Hill, Michigan, and Northwestern.

What ultimately led you to commit to the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities?

We really loved everything about the U of M, there wasn't really one thing that made up our minds. The coaches are great and we like what they've told us about the running program. The academic program we're going into is also strong. It's also nice that it's close to home and our sister is already there.

Has Coach Sarah Hopkins or Matt Bingle given you any indications of what event or events you might be specializing in as a collegiate athlete?

They haven't told us what events we will be doing. They kind of just told us we'll try different events to see what we're good at, and we'll definitely have some say in what we end up doing.

Have you identified a major or area of study?

Both of us are planning on majoring in kinesiology and going into physical therapy.

What is your favorite high school memory as it relates to cross country and track?

Bethany: My favorite memories have to be all of the team bonding things we do, like pasta feeds and Lion's Night. The night before meets, the whole team always gets together to eat pasta and hang out and play games like Just Dance. Lion's Night is after our home meet, the whole team gets together and has a food fight and plays night games.  My favorite racing memory is winning the state cross country meet my sophomore year.

Megan: My favorite memory is going to Pillager every year at the beginning of the cross country season. We go to Lake Placid Camp for a couple of nights as a whole team and have competitions between small teams that are made at the beginning. It's always a great opportunity to get to know teammates better as well as get a lot of training in. My favorite racing memory would have to be winning the state meet my junior year.

What goals do you have for your remaining high school track season?

Bethany: I haven't thought much about a specific goal, I just want to continue improving my times in the 1600 and the 3200.

Megan: During the track season this year, my goal is to remain healthy throughout the whole season so I can hopefully finish my senior year with a state title.

Do you play a winter sport?

We don't play any winter sports. We continue to run and train for the track season during winter.

What are your goals for your collegiate career?

Neither of us have thought a ton about our goals for our collegiate careers aside from continuing to improve. We tend to not look very far into the future, just looking at what is coming up next.

What advice would you pass on to an athlete trying to make their college decision?

Don't second guess yourself. If there's a school that you want to go to but think you need to look around more, you're just adding unnecessary stress.

1st Photo:  Bethany and Megan Hasz make it official - will run for the University of Minnesota in the fall.  (photo courtesy of Doug Hasz)

2nd Photo:  Bethany (#241) and Megan (#242) Hasz competing at the 2015 MSHSL State Cross Country Meet (photo by David Eickhoff)

3rd Photo:  Megan takes the lead against Bethany in this 4th grade meet (photo courtesy of Doug Hasz)

4th Photo:  Bethany (#211) and Megan (#212) competing in 7th grade (Photo courtesy of Doug Hasz)