MN MileSplit Ratings: Top Returning Long Sprinters

Honour Finley is the returning state champion and the 24th fastest returner in the nation over 400m.  Photo by Sabre Photos.

About the ratings: We rated the top returning athletes in the state based on top 5000 marks in the country in 2016.  A score of 100 represents the top time in the nation last year.  Please note, all times are included in the ratings regardless of wind or FAT status.  The ratings are strictly based off of 2016 times and do not reflect MileSplit's personal ranking of the athletes.

RankNameTimeRankScoreTimeRankScoreAvg. Score
1Genuine Matthews21.88284.5448.54188.6686.60
2Joel Woja22.05383.1149.01387.0585.08
3Keylan Jackson22.17482.1049.01387.0584.58

RankNameTimeRankScoreTimeRankScoreAvg. Score
1Honour Finley24.23190.3853.96194.5092.44
2Chloe Bermel25.03386.0855.67290.8488.46
3Molly Reighard24.68287.9658.071185.7086.83