Victoria Lions And EPXC To Highlight Big Day Of Racing


Weather: High 50's, some sun


Virtual Meet Projections: Becker (42.5), Saint Cloud Tech (105.5), Foley (108)

Top Individuals: Basil Ricker (Becker, 16:31), Nels Trandahl (Rockford, 16:42), Kade Layton (Big Lake, 16:59), Lukas Karel (Becker, 17:02)

The Skinny: The team from Becker is projected to have their top seven runners in before any team even has their third runner in. This will help them to run away with a dominating victory. The teams from Saint Cloud Tech and Foley look like they will have a close race for second. Becker will be lead by Basil Ricker with Lukas Karel not too far behind. The two teammates are a great duo that are in the hunt for state championship appearances this year. Also contending for the individual title will be Nels Trandahl and Kade Layton. Ricker has competed against both Trandhal and Layton this year but has only defeated Layton. Trandahl beat Ricker by 27 seconds earlier this season. The race for the title will make it an interesting race for these three.


Virtual Meet Projections: Becker (29), Monticello (46)

Top Individuals: Lexi Dehmer (Becker, 19:00), Danielle Nuest (Becker, 19:06), Victoria Kolbinger (Becker, 19:16), Lexi Duscher (Princeton, 19:20), Elise Yeager (Monticello, 19:22)

The Skinny: Even with three that are projected to finish in the top three positions, Becker looks somewhat vulnerable to the team from Monticello. Most recently, Monticello actually beat Becker at the Buffalo Bison Classic by a good margin because Becker just did not have the pack that Monticello had. Monticello actually finished with all seven of their runners ahead of Becker's third runner. The question is if Becker can turn that around at today's meet. They were hurt by the fact that their top runner, Lexi Dehmer, did not compete. If she does not compete today, Monticello should be able to take the win. The individual should come down to Lexi Duscher, Elise Yeager, and the trio from Becker of Danielle Nuest, Victoria Kolbinger, and Dehmer if she competes. This group of five have traded off their finishing order when they have matched up this season so there is no clear winner for today's race.

(written by Emma Benner)