The Half-Miler - An Interview

Photo provided by Libby Halbmaier

Personal Records:

400: 58 split from the 4x400 relay.

800: 2:12.22

1600: 5:03.68

3200: 11:01.64

XC State 2017:  5th place 800 meter run; 4 x 400 prelims; 4 x 800 prelims

T&F State 2016:  22nd overall as an individual; third as a team

T&F State 2016   2nd place team 4 x 800 relay

XC State 2014:  37th overall as an individual

Where were you born?  What sports did you play growing up?

St.Louis Park; I played soccer, volleyball, basketball, and did dance.

What sports did you play or do you play at the varsity level?  How many letters have you won in each?

Track and Cross Country! Track: 4 letters, CC: 4 letters

Why did you decide to be a distance runner?  Describe the chain of events that led you to get excited about it!

I have always loved competing, and the mile in elementary school is where I found my love for running. I would even eat carbs the night before to prepare haha! My older brothers were also distance runners, and so they planted the seed in my head to join cross country and track; which I did and ended up loving it!

Have you had to overcome any obstacles to become a good runner?  (As for example: injuries, academic problems, losing an important race, etc.)

In ninth grade I wanted to be in the top 25 for Cross Country so bad but unfortunately I fell at the state meet only meters before the finish line while I was in 21st place. This race only made me want to come back even stronger the next year, but things didn't line up the way I wanted them too and I ended up having a bad sections race and didn't make it to state. These two hard races made me more determined than ever to come back even stronger for my junior year! I ended up achieving my long overdue goal for getting top 25 in state and on top of that out team took third place overall!

Your coach for cross country is Jane Reimer-Morgan.  She has been with Minnetonka since 1985 and as the head cross country coach since 1999.  Please describe a couple of training weeks under coach Reimer-Morgan. 

Coach Jane is extremely gifted at training girls for mid to long distance races! We do our runs based on time, and we range from long distance runs to speed workouts! We always warm up before our runs even our long runs and we cool down after track workouts to make sure we do not get stiff the next day!

Beyond the workouts how does Reimer-Morgan inspire, motivate, and help you as a runner?

Coach Jane has always told our team about when she was younger and girls did not have as many opportunities in the running world, and how we can do anything we set our minds to! Jane says to say, "She believed she could so she did."

Please name some other coaches you have had over the years?  How have they helped you?

Kristine Gehrmann and Megan Bailey were my mid/distance coaches for track this year and they are really good at always being positive and hopeful even when I am having a bad day! They remind us how hard we have worked for our goals and to not let a little mind block get in our way from achieving them!