Good Luck Charlie - An Interview

Photo provided by Charlie Babcock

Personal Records:

800m - 2:12 relay split

1600m - 4:30.97

3200m - 9:41.23

5K (xc) - 16:27.00

XC State 2016 - 43rd place

T&F State 2017 - 1600m 14th, 3200m 13th place

Where were you born, what sports did you play when you were younger, and what is your height and weight?

I was born in Wyoming Minnesota which is right next to Forest Lake where I have lived my whole life. When I was younger I played a little bit of hockey, but mostly baseball and football, until I went into Jr. high when I decided to join cross country instead. I'm 5'6" and at my heaviest now I'm 145.

What have you had to give up to be a good runner?

I don't play baseball or football anymore. I don't think they ever helped my running and I wouldn't trade running for any other sport. The big thing I had to give up to be a distance runner was my extremely unhealthy lifestyle. I was addicted to pop and junk food, and now I no longer drink pop and I'm much stricter on my diet.

Who in your family was a great athlete?  Were they a role model for you? 

My dad's family was full of runners. My uncle Mike Babcock has done more than 80 marathons and that's pretty cool. But my biggest role model that got me into running was my older brother Tommy Babcock. He got in great shape from running and was great. I knew that I wanted to be like him.

How did you get interested in distance running?  Who recruited you and how did they do it?

My family always has been into distance running and with my brother already on the CC team I followed in his footsteps.

How many students does Forest Lake High School have right now?  How many runners are on the boys and/or girls teams?  How does your team recruit?  Is it only the coach who recruits?

Forest Lake has about 1,200 students if I had to estimate. There are less than 40 boys on my team and the girls team has a little more than 50. Our old coach always had us spread the word to our friends to recruit but he never got involved into recruiting much himself.

What obstacles have you had to overcome as an athlete or person?  If you are willing to share it can help your team as well as others if you give us some details on what you did to recover.

My biggest obstacle I've had to face as a runner is my left Achilles ankle. It's been a year and a half from when it started to bug me and still from time to time it will irritate me. As of recently it's gotten better but I've had to wear heel lifts for multiple months now and that's not fun.

But more on the personal level my biggest challenge was my weight when I joined in 7th grade. I have always been a little heavier than a distance runner should be and a few years ago not only did it give me less confidence but it made it harder to run. Now since I've shed that weight I have more confidence and feel much more like a true distance runner.

Is cross country a team sport for the Rangers? 

For Rangers CC is a team sport. The groups that run together are all super close and I can say my best friends are all on this team. It will be a tough year for me when we lose our seniors and we have a lot of seniors!